About WCB Farms Ltd.


WCB Farms is recognized throughout the Canada as one of the premier packers of private label for Fresh and Frozen Produce.
WCB Farms has the flexibility to tailor programs to any customer’s needs, regardless of size or distribution channel.
Our markets also include industrial, contract manufacturing, food service, the US and Canada export.
The company’s private label retail customers include chains, wholesalers, and major buying cooperatives.

Industrial customers use our produce as a ingredient to their final product.

We Sale all round the world.

Export markets include Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, USA, Mexico and Asian Market

WCB’s strategic plan has always revolved around customer-driven objectives: product quality, customer service and innovation in packaging.

The advantage of our plant in Pitt Meadow, BC are a lot. It’s not only near to Vancouver port and easily accessible but also away from traffic and very closely located to Louleed highway.



Packing Since 1995

This Facility is Packing and Distributing Produce since 1995 under the name Purewal Farms.

In 2018, West Coast Blueberry Farms ltd. Bought this property under new management. We at WCB Farms not only improving our current process but also over the year, WCB Farms has invested significant capital to expand its markets to include industrial, contract manufacturing, food service, Canada and worldwide export.

Our Business Timeline

Packing and Distributing Since 1995!


Facility was build

Facility was build to pack fresh and frozen blueberry under private label


Produce Packaging

In 2007 Purewal Farms bought Multiple Giro Machine to pack produce and fruits.


West Coast Blueberry Farms ltd.

In 2018 West Coast Blueberry Farms Ltd. bought this property from court, start running it under new management.


New Packaging line

In 2020 We improve our capacity by investing significant capital on new machineries and to expand its markets and handling capacity.

Customer Service

WCB Farms ltd. innovative strategies  have focused on ways to reduce costs, enhance quality, improve consistency of the product, and heighten the company’s flexibility to respond to customer’s needs.
WCB Farms is dedicated to:
  • Consistently meeting the specifications of our customers.
  • Providing excellent customer service and flexibility through EDI, EFT and reduced lead times.
  • Consistently working to reduce costs and improve our technical competence.
  • Offering prices which provide value to our customers.
  • Using only quality ingredients. This ensures consistency in our private label formulas.
  • Offering innovative attractive packaging.
  • Utilizing the newest, most modern equipment and manufacturing process to equal that of national brands.

Quality Assurance

WCB Farms’s overall quality and food safety program includes the following.
  • Continuing Guarantee Agreement
  • Liability Insurance
  • Kosher and BRC Certification
  • FDA Approved
  • CFIA Quality Check
  • On-Premise Lab (in plants)
  • HACCP Program


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