WCB Storage Cold and Freezer Storage

Our Cold Storage facility was built to keep in mind of different businesses product and their warehouse requirement. Many food grade products are very temperature sensitive and to maintain the accurate temperature for quality control is very much necessary. If you are in Surrey, Cloverdale, Richmond, Vancouver or nearby city and want to rent, please call us to know more

Rent Our Storage

We provide the service of renting dry, cold and freezer storage for your products and business, to keep things fresh, secure and available.

Produce & Multiproduct Specialist

Our customers have entrusted us to store a wide variety of fresh and frozen products, including, seafood, prepared foods, fruits and vegetables.

Repack & Labeling, HAACP Certified

No matter how simple or complex your re-packing or labeling job is, let our experts give you the best solution for performing this critical process.

Blast Freezing

Our Central Warehouse provides Blast Freezing services to assist you with your temperature reduction requirements. Specifics concerning palletizing, time requirements and pricing info are available upon request.

Ultra Low Temp Storage

Located within our Central Warehouse freezer, all temps are computer monitored 24/7. We offer dry ice packing service, for all shipping of our ultra-low products.

Frozen Food Warehousing

We are here to help distributors and retailers monitor their inventory and store it safely within our wide range of temperature zones. Logistics Management, Cross Docking

USDA/FDA Inspections

LACS provides a modern, fully equipped lab and inspection area for USDC and FDA inspectors. Customers interested in requesting seafood inspections should contact our Customer Service Reps




Packaging Produce



Sq. foot

Packaging Facility



Degree Celsius

Controlled Temp Storage




Hi-Tech Machines

Store for Your Business Confidently

Our cold storage services are well maintained by our trained staff to keep the promise we are delivering by our latest temperature control technology.

Our Facility is located in Pits Meadow. The facility was open to public to deliver what their customers deserve in terms of quality.

Location of our cold storage is not only convenient to lower mainland area but also customers of US- Canada border. Reach us today to allow us in explaining what we can deliver that your business looking for.

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Registered CFIA and HACCP certified

Our new equipment and technology is latest as per industry demands. Our cold storage temperature is maintained digitally by 24 hours on-site staff and temperature controllers and monitoring processes to make sure product is safe in consistent and stable environment.


Load to Load Transfer

WCB Storage provides LTL transportation solutions for many types of frozen and refrigerated products of different sensitive temperature. Our facilities and loading dock are divided according to different temperature requirement. So, whether shipment is for frozen or fresh and/or both in same trailer, we will take care of it from our doors to destination north and south.


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